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April Malmsteen's Miami-Girl Secret to Glowing Skin: It Starts with Skin Care

Great skin, a dash of color here, and a flicker of mystery there…the Miami-girl beauty formula is pretty foolproof, whether you’re going to work or getting ready for a date, living it up on a late-summer weekend or going to dinner on a crisp clear night. Here are April Malmsteen’s five essential steps - these are the absolute essentials, easy to add to or subtract from, depending on your style.

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The Importance of Pursuing Your Passion

No matter what you do in life, the key to achieving success and happiness is passion. There are people who have all the money in the world, but they feel unfulfilled. You may set out a list of goals for yourself, achieve them, but find you still feel unsatisfied. When someone feels this way, it’s because they did not find and follow their true passions in life. Unfortunately, many people are discouraged from following their passions because they’re told they’ll never be successful or financially stable. While it’s important to make sure you provide for yourself and your family, you shouldn’t let what someone else tells you stop you from following your passion and achieving fulfillment.

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