April Malmsteen

About April Malmsteen





From an early age, April Malmsteen knew that to get far in life, you had to know what you wanted and never settle for less. April knew that she was the one in charge of her future, and the only person that could change things for her was herself. Whether modeling, designing, or managing, everything April does is done with ambition, passion, and care. Even from her earliest business ventures in England, April only involved herself with projects she truly believed in and felt strongly about. Nothing embodies this more than her company, Medusa Cosmetics.
Each Medusa Cosmetics product is given the utmost attention to detail, with the highest quality ingredients available and an emphasis on cruelty free manufacturing. The brand is all about glow - taking the sun, sea and sand of Miami Beach and condensing it into our products.


Despite April’s reputation as a hardworking businesswoman and entrepreneur, health, fitness and positive energy are also of great importance to her. She seeks wellness, balance, and health, in both the mind and body. In April’s experience, fitness stems from more than being in the gym. As important as working out and developing your body is, she focuses more on the overall enjoyment that these activities can bring her. Whether it be water skiing, dancing, tennis, pilates or kayaking, having fun is key to a good fitness regime. Yoga has been described multiple times as the meeting of the body and the soul. As April’s life can be very hectic, meditation aids in steadying the senses, and regular practice can help encourage focus, discipline, energy and awareness. It is of importance to know that before you develop your outer world, you must first stabilize your inner world.