April Malmsteen's Miami-Girl Secret to Glowing Skin: It Starts with Skin Care


Great skin, a dash of color here, and a flicker of mystery there…the Miami-girl beauty formula is pretty foolproof, whether you’re going to work or getting ready for a date, living it up on a late-summer weekend or going to dinner on a crisp clear night. These five steps are the essentials, easy to add to or subtract from, depending on your style.

The key to this look is amazing skin, so start there: Great skin care makes all the difference. Beyond that, add gorgeously flushed cheeks, a flick (or a smudge) of eye-defining liner, a sexy signature scent, and short, chic nails in a great red.


Supreme Cleanser

For the perfect balance between cleansing pores and regenerating lost skin cells, the Supreme Cleanser rejuvenates and maintain the youth of your skin in the form of a daily deep cleansing gel.
Supreme is totally non-irritating, non-sensitizing and appropriate for every skin type.




Super Microdermabrasion

Get rid of all your dead skin cells for a truly glowing skin. One of the best ways to get smooth skin is to get a microdermabrasion scrub.
Medusa Cosmetics is bringing you Super Microdermabrasion - the perfect treatment for taking off all of your dead skin cells. It's super strong, super fine microdermabrasion that works.



Vit C 12%

Vitamin C is crucial to use everyday in order to get a truly glowing and healthy skin. This high dose - high-performance serum that contains a dose of vitamin C for a brightening boost of antioxidants, this formula absorbs fast, is super lightweight in texture, and instantly infuses skin with antioxidant superpowers to fight free radicals. Energizing vitamin C restores luminosity while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone.


The Super Hyaluronic Youth Cream

Hydration is essential for a youthful and healthy skin. This cream provides a creamy emulsification of hyaluronic acid, squalane, jojoba seed oil, and apricot kernel oil for a perfect combination of broth for all skin types.


Big Bright Eyes Serum

The name says it all. A true miracle worker. Lifts the upper eyelid and fights against the formation of crow’s feet and wrinkles, and encourages all-around tightness around the eyes.
It also evens out skin color to reduce the appearance of dark circles.



The Blur

The ultimate blurring and plumping effect. This serum is truly miraculous - you will see lines demolished and skin perfected right before your eyes. The lines around your eyes and mouth will disappear, and your skin will look instantly more youthful. This miracle cream creates a soft-focus effect that virtually eliminates your wrinkles via a clever optical adjustment, resulting from light diffusing minerals that occupy the wrinkle folds. Coupled with wrinkle diminishing peptides, this astonishing cream provides an instant wrinkle-erasing visual fix, while simultaneously reducing their appearance over time. 


Lip-plumping Lipskin

For the ultimate youthful plump lips. This peptide not only gives you an instant plumping effect for luscious lips, but it also brings out their own natural color.
Can be used alone or with a lip color of your choice.



ultimateglow_620x (1).jpeg

Ultimate GLOW

This dry oil is 100% natural. Perfect for extra hydration, plumpness and overall healthy glow.
Can be used on your hair for lush shiny locks as well as your hands and cuticles for a heathy hydration.




GLOW Shimmering Dry Oil

Nothing says more than a shimmery, glowing skin. Infused with gold and silver leaf and just the right amount of shimmer for a very elegant GLOW.
Can be used on legs and arms, or dab a little on your cheeks with your hands for a stunning look.



The Red Diva Lipstick Collection

For a true pop of elegant color Red Diva Lip collection is what every woman needs for a perfectly manicured elegant look.